Faculty advisor: Ivan Brunetti

Student Curators: Jennifer Chavez, Laiqah Hanold, David Knight, Chloe Blair McMullen and Shane Tolentino

The Illustration Program of Columbia College Chicago is committed to the mission of building diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI). It is something we not only discuss often, but also actively work to improve. We believe it is crucial and vital for illustrators to reflect and act upon their responsibilities as artists and citizens, to fight systemic racism and all forms of discrimination, to stand with those who demand justice and fairness, and to promote positive change in culture and society.

Activism refers to direct and steady action that inspires and brings about political, social, and economic change. Activism can take a wide variety of manifestations, be it marches, boycotts, petitions, and many other forms. Expression through art can also be used as a form of activism. By using the visual medium, a wide range of people can be called to action by spreading the piece’s message and ideas. Through Illustration as Activism, each artist was able to create a piece to reflect their thoughts and feelings on the topic of their choosing. Through this show we hoped to call attention to a wide variety of issues many people are facing and thinking about. We hope to help spark conversation anytime these pieces are seen and shared.

For resources to educate yourself and keep these conversations moving and growing, please take a look at the links we’ve provided, as well as taking the time to do your own research and keeping up with any movement be it now, in the past, or yet to come.



For any feedback, concerns or questions about this exhibit, please contact Illustration Student Group at isgcolumbia@gmail.com.